A passion for decision making excellence.

You may qualify for Decision Making Ensurance!™
  • Traditional wisdom says that BETTER LEADERS will make BETTER DECISIONS and get BETTER RESULTS
  • So Training $$$ are poured into...Leadership Training
  • Read the Headlines: A story everyday about high-visibility business & political Leaders making VERY BAD DECISIONS
  • So we focus on producing great DECISION MAKERS. Most evolve to become great LEADERS.

Three decades in business.

You may qualify for Decision Making Ensurance!™
  • We have mastered Three Decision Making Methods
  • Did you know that a quality decision has FOUR PARTS?
  • Flipping a coin isn't one of them.
  • Here Are Some Measures of Our Focus on Coaching Decision Makers Since 2005:

Client-years of Experience
Years Coaching Businesses
1-on-1 Sessions
Monthly Peer Group Meetings

It started with a big decision.

In 2005, we reviewed 50 peer groups and found 3 that were world class.
  • Rather than operating a local training / coaching company, we decided to plug into a WORLD-CLASS PLATFORM.
  • We wanted to connect our members with an organization with the infrastructure to support peer advisory group operations specifically for Business Founders, Owners, and Chief Executives.
  • That organization had to have a LONG history of objective, measurable success using global best practices.
  • We reviewed 50 peer group advisory support organizations and found 3 that were world class.
  • We picked Vistage.

The results speak for themselves.

Members have remained in our peer group for more than a decade.
  • Since 2005, more than 65 Mobile Area Business owners have DECIDED that VISTAGE membership is the best path to work with us at Decision Making Ensurance, LLC.
  • Of those five dozen members, several have remained in our peer group for 10+ years.
  • Don't take our word for it: Dunn & Bradstreet quantifies Vistage impact.
Here are a few of the benefits and qualities our members appreciate:
  • The business results. (Joined doing $10MM in revenue, now doing $40MM+)
  • Organizational ACCOUNTABILITY
  • CHANGE is now their friend
  • Camaraderie with 12 peer group “mates”
  • Game plans for EXITING / TRANSITION
  • Clear STRATEGIC direction
  • 600 World Class Speakers
  • Our TOP SECRET Culture
  • One Set of Monthly Dues
  • Eliminating Isolation at the top
  • No competitors in the group.

You may qualify for

We have a passion for decision making excellence.
Ready to take the plunge?

Find where you fit.

DME operates two Executive peer groups along the Gulf Coast for business owners and Chief Executives which are limited to 27 memberships in the area.

No topics are off limits.

In the interest of maintaining an open and incredibly honest peer group experience, membership is by invitation only and is limited to non-competing members.

Bring the Experts To You

The Vistage platform offers 600 world class speakers to provide added insight. These subject matter experts are booked for local presentations.

Annual Retreat

Each group sets aside one month for their annual retreat: Nashville, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans- just to name a few.

Trusted by business people you know.

Heard enough? Take the plunge.

It doesn't cost anything to be curious.

Don't miss the next available seats in the peer group

Our path to membership has 3 steps.
It takes about 45 days to become a member. Our process is driven by selection, NOT selling. We have videos that clarify:
Steps to Membership
Days to Join
Years in Business

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

It doesn't cost anything to be curious.